About Our Team

Quite possibly the best team...in the world!

David Samways

Director, MPS Specialist, Gym Bunny

David has been known to frequent the Gym a bewildering 12 times in a single week. Co-owner of THE most handsome Beagle Puppy in the world. Jack Daniels is the only other liquid allowed to pass his lips apart from water & coffee. David has a low centre of Gravity (he’s short) although ironically is referred to by his peers as a ‘big deal’.

David has been involved in the Office Technology arena most of his working life and wanted to called his first born ‘Lexmark’, this was met with some resistance from his wife.

Steve Gayler

Director, Web Services, IT & Sage Guru

Somewhat of an 80’s music fan who has a particular interest in a group called Eurythmics?? A lover of cheese and most things Brazilian. Enjoys being told he’s clever and rarely sleeps with his eyes closed.

Steve has an ability to get underneath the skin of a business and really understand what’s required to make their IT as pain free and cost effective as possible, he does some OK stuff on the web as well 😉 Some say if you cut Steve open that Sage is so far embedded into him that he bleeds green?

Roy Holden

Service Manager, Technical God!

Roy’s knowledge of the inner workings of a photocopier is unpresidented yet strangely reassuring. Roy likes sailing around small Islands and firmly denies his wealth is bettered only by that of Bill Gates.

Anyway….Roy loves a challenge and is passionate about making technology work. Roy has worked on pretty much every brand of copier, MFD, printer and fax over the past 30+ years and is what we like to call a “rare breed”.

Sue Samways Office Photocopiers

Sue Samways

Accounts, Philanthropist, Cake Godess

Sue is simply terrifying, but only to those who owe her money. Her love for her Beagle puppy eclipses any feelings she may of once had for her husband. Not afraid to speak her mind and may we all say what a beautiful mind it is.

Sue’s accounting skills are bettered only by her cake baking / decorating skills, a true culinary genius in the kitchen and a gladiator in the office. The song ‘Indenpendent Women’ (Destiny’s Child for anyone born post 1990) best describes what Sue is all about.

Kim Gayler Office Photocopiers

Kim Gayler

Sales, Admin, Chief Wine Taster

Kimberly is the only member of the team who can successfully decipher David’s outrageous French accent (even though he is unapologetically English). In a former life Kim used to work as a holiday rep and has witnessed things that quite frankly no human being should, that said she tells a wonderful story and is the life and soul of the party until she hits the proverbial ‘Wine Brick Wall’.

On a professional level Kim can sell and administer pretty much anything and along with Sue helps maintain order in our testosterone fueled, ultra-masculine office.

Oliver Partridge Office Photocopiers

Oliver Partridge

Web Services, Innovator, Gangster

The newest member of our team and quite possibly the best looking. Oliver (as far as we know) can’t communicate with the vast majority of human beings as his native language is binary code.

Despite resembling a 1970’s gangster (known in the East End as ‘Big O’), Oliver’s understanding of all things web related is something that has to be seen to be believed and even when we saw it we still didn’t believe it!

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